Lochann was created in 2003 and is naturally spring fed it has been designed to hold fish in all areas there is no such thing as hot spots like other fishery's, the fish are spread throughout the loch.

It has been fished as a private membership catch & release fishery up till now. With the osprey being the only regular taker of fish up till now.

The fishing lodge was built with comfort in mind we have a full kitchen ,toilet facilitys,shower,leather couches and rocking chairs on the veranda.

The resident fish are in prime condition due to the fact that no nets have been used no fish have been handled, or taken out of the water to be released. We do not fish any lures this means that the resident fish are all in prime condition. Effectively creating a totally natural environment for the fish.

 I myself have fished for 45 years and also and have been breeding tropical fish for 30 years. I now have my own holding facility's meaning that I am able to select and control the quality of fish introduced to compliment existing stock.


Fishing to me has always been about a good day out enjoying the fishing and the countryside no stress no hastle.but I would now like to think that by adding the few extras that we have just makes your day more enjoyable. So why not come on your own or with a party and enjoy the lochann experience.

Email BRYAN PEACH LochAnn Private Fishing, ACHLASCOILLE, FARR, Inverness-shire, IV2 6XG TEL  07756980407

trout in loch

ORRIN BLUE TROUT---3-8lb in size
RAINBOW TROUT---3-15lbin size
BROWN TROUT---2-10lb in size


We at Lochann pride ourselves on the quality of our fish which are all fully finned and tailed resulting in a fantastic fight. This is accredited by anglers not handling the fish and releasing them at the waters edge as the loch was designed for.


Our stocking policy for 2010 is no fish under 3lbs will be released into the loch.


orrin blues

The orrin blues renowned for there colour And hard fighting ability really is an Experience not to be missed.The orrin blue trout a member of the rainbow family. More…


The oldest form of dry fly fishing. It involves Making the fly dance back and forth over and Above the water. enticing the fish to take in mid air. More…

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Postal: LochAnn Private Fishing, ACHLASCOILLE, FARR, Inverness-shire, IV2 6XG TEL  07756980407

Lochann Fishing Rules

In order to maintain the quality of fishing that we now have would all patrons please abide by the rules this is for everyone's benefit including the fish.

  • No Lures
  • Do not handle fish unless really necessary.
  • Please put all spent nylon in bins provided.
  • All hooks to be barbless or crushed barb.
  • No hook larger than size 12
  • Fish a single fly with minimum 6lb breaking strain.